Our project

The RhinFilm project offers a Franco-German perspective of non-fiction films produced, filmed or projected in Alsace or in Baden-Württemburg over the XXth century. Two groups of historians herein collaborate to study industrial, promotional and education films; films produced institutionally, as well as those produced by amateurs. Our objective is to reveal the economic, social, cultural and memorial facets of "utility" films, which are not issue of the same conditions as commercial films. In order to restitute the audiovisual memory of the Upper Rhine region, two innovative approaches, with regards to the research methodology and to the role of the public, are adopted.

Our method

  • Systematically compare all "utility" film genres
  • Study their production, their diffusion dispositifs and their reception
  • Affiliate scientific events and public events

The public and the project

Consideration of the public is necessary to achievethe project objectives. Here, the public includes spectators, amateur filmmakers, and actors in the economic and cultural realms of the Upper Rhine region. We invite everyone to participate in the three thematic projection and discussion film forums to take place on both sides of the Rhine:

  • Wine and wine-growing (March-April 2013)
  • Propaganda (Spring 2014)
  • Health practices and products (Spring 2015)

The exchanges with the public at these events will allow a better identification of the films, a re-creation of epoque screenings, a reflection on the ties between trades, traditions and images, and an anchoring of these in the collective memory.